Workshops and Apprentice Training

I can now connect with others with deep empathy without getting drained or caught up in the drama. I
think this training has saved me, and my counseling practice…

Wow. So much more energy, just from getting the energy field aligned the way it was meant to be.

More clear, less reactive, more effective at home and on the job. Thanks so much…. This training is
such a gift.

Uncovering the Soul Level I

This is a 3 day intensive workshop. No prerequisites. Workshop investment includes the Tachyonized™ Mini-V pendant from Advanced Tachyon Technologies International to support the proper alignment of the energy field.

In this transformational workshop, you will have the opportunity to –

  • Regain control of your energy field and learn how to support it in its proper balance and alignment.
  • Learn to recognize who you are and who you are not.
  • Have the opportunity to re-awaken your innate connection with Personal Divinity.
  • Learn to be present and stay here.
  • Have the opportunity to study the wisdom of the metaphysical cross in its many aspects and learn how to apply this wisdom to your daily life.
  • Learn how to hear the energies that are expressed behind the words that people speak.
  • Be introduced to communication with animals, plants, and other forms in nature.
  • Explore using your body as a dowsing rod for finding water sources, areas of geopathology, etc, and for muscle testing foods, supplements, and so on, whether you have them in hand or need to check them over the distance.
  • Discover where you give away your power, and how to regain it.
  • Learn when to act, and when to witness.
  • Learn tools for clearing patterns that no longer serve. (And witness how this changes you, your world, and the people around you!)
  • Explore the powerful, transcendental, sublimely ecstatic kirtan experience.

I stopped being a ‘psychic sponge.’ I became aware of my energy field, was able to reclaim my boundaries, and stopped taking on other people’s “stuff.” This training is SO unusual, and completely natural and familiar at the same time. I am back to being ME.

I can move more freely in the world, with confidence in my inner knowing.

I know I gave you a hard time for years to write better course descriptions. But now that I have taken the first level of training, I understand why it is not possible. The workshop is an experience. There is enough explanation so that we can “get it,” but the real thing is to simply “get it! Thanks for a great presentation!’

Uncovering the Soul Level II

This is a 3 day intensive workshop. Prerequisite is attendance at Uncovering the Soul Level I.

Mini-v Tachyonized™ pendant or any level verticality pendant from ATTI is required.

You will be introduced to-

  • Raising and lowering your vibrational rate at will for your own personal expansiveness and meditative experience, for healing work with others, and for enhanced communication ability.
  • Experiencing through other people.
  • Advanced levels of clearing for yourself. If you don’t keep up your own work, you can’t support anyone else or maintain your centeredness in a chaotic world.
  • Using your energy field to communicate with and support all other life forms, including humans, in very powerful ways, in person or over the distance.
  • Continuing work in animal communication.
  • Land and house clearings, etc.
  • Continuing work with advanced energy field/muscle testing for yourself and others, whether in person or over the distance.
  • Distance energy work of all sorts, including clearings for others.
  • Who is the Doer?
  • Increase your understanding of ways that you may compromise your ability to be fully present, and gain the tools and knowledge to increase your effectiveness on this planet even more deeply.
  • Develop and support your confidence in your innate intuitive abilities by direct feedback and group experience.
  • Learn powerful hands-on energy work that is effective whether or not you have previous training in energy work.
  • Kirtan experience.

PLEASE don’t ask me to pay you what these workshops are really worth!

Be here now, forever! I love it!

Uncovering the Soul Level III

5 days intensive workshop. Prerequisites- Uncovering the Soul Level I and II, and the equivalent of Tachyon Holistic Wellness 101 or the on-line training in the use of Tachyon tools from ATTI.

Tachyonized™ Mini-v pendant or any level verticality pendant from ATTI required.

This workshop will be very flexible in content and focus according to the unique needs and interests of the participants. Examples- Advanced Animal Communication, Distance Facilitation, Health Intuitive Work, etc.

It includes-

  • Amazing, expansive meditations supported by the most powerful Tachyon tools on the planet.
  • Advanced work with personal vibrational rate and inviting others to come along with you.
  • Advanced clearing techniques, including thought form and spirit releases of many types. (Safe, non-polarized, and effective!)
  • Advanced work in various types energetic facilitation, in person and over the distance, for humans, plants, and animals.
  • Exercises and education to support the personal transformation process, such as movement, yoga, pure food preparation, dance, short field trips, etc, depending on available staff and the preferences and interests of the participants. (We have lovely fresh water springs in this area of Florida!)
  • Advanced work with the professional Tachyon tools for profound transformational and healing potential.
  • More deeply entering the kirtan experience and mantra meditation.

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Uncovering the Soul

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