Two Questions

I have never been inclined to demand things of Lord Krishna, but on one occasion, I did. I needed some answers. I was in a place of deep meditation, contemplating what I just been shown about my current life, several past births, my purpose, and my inner drive to gently educate people about devotional practices that will serve to unfold their innate loving relationship with the Supreme Person and invite them back to their real Home.

I asked, “Dear Lord, I do not have months to meditate and pray to get the clarity I need on these things. I need answers NOW. My first question is, ‘I was born into a seriously abusive family and went through a lot as an infant, as a child, and growing up. I know that I did not do these things to anyone, in any previous birth, so WHY?’”

The Lord in the Heart very quickly and clearly replied, “There is a lot of healing that will need to be done. You had to go through all this in order to become qualified for the work you will be called to do. This was your training.”

“OK, Lord, I accept.”

And then I asked, “Dear Lord Krishna, how is it You have given me a woman’s body in this lifetime? It is a weaker body, a dependent body. I am used to having strong, male bodies. Why? What is the reason?”

And the Lord replied, “You had to suffer this as a woman because when you tell your story with passion and poignancy, it will be heard.”

And again I said, “OK Lord, I accept.”