The Dazzling Effulgence

Many people who claim to be on a spiritual path are fond of speaking about the “great white light,” the Brahman, or the Brahmajyoti. When most people speak of this light emanation, they speak of merging with it, of absorbing themselves into it. Let’s call this dazzling effulgence the aura of God, for it really is the light rays emanating from the body of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and cannot truly be understood without accepting it in relation to the Person God.

In practical daily experience with you, if I were to simply “hang out” in your aura, the energetic emanation from your material form, appreciating the subtle nature of it, bathing in it, and neglecting the person behind it, I’d be missing out on the real relationship with you: the hugs, the interactions, the fun and intriguing times together. Similarly, if we think that the perfection of spiritual growth is to hang out in the light rays emanating from the body of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, we are missing out on the topmost of all relationships, our unique, personal, most pleasing and perfect interaction with the Godhead who is the source of the brilliant emanation and everything else in existence.