My husband and I were at our wits end with our very sleep deprived, angry, temperamental one year old son. We were so grateful to have found Karen when we did. In just a few sessions he went from screaming throughout the day and night to being a happy and gentle little boy. The work she does is invaluable.

H in AZ

I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful and spiritual work that Karen and I have done together. I have never encountered such powerful, caring and thorough healing. Karen has brought me to incredible depths of healing that I never dreamed of. I cannot thank her enough.


Karen provided me with tremendous support during my pregnancy. She helped me work through several emotional issues that arose, as well as turning my son (very late in my pregnancy) from breach to head down more than once. I don’t know what I would have done without her!

a young mom in AZ

I have found Karen’s energy work to be very powerful and helpful. Although we know that we are our own healers, at times all of us get stuck and need to be “jump started” again. She is very intuitive and is able to go deep into the subtle levels of our consciousness and help us to understand what is at the root of our symptoms and to see ourselves as whole beings and not fragmented.

KP in NC

During a time of intense transformation I called Karen for help “ironing out some knots” in my being. I felt lousy, like there was something to be released. She used distance energy healing to zoom in on me. She shared her perceptions of my energies which rung true, and as we talked I realized she perceived more about my being than I was conscious of. After she applied the energy healing, I felt relieved and at peace. She gave me excellent affirmations to work with, with suggestions how I might ultimately resolve inner conflicts, which have helped tremendously. She definitely seems to know her stuff!

Doug in FL

Karen, Karen, she’s the one,

Work with her and heal a ton!

Richard in VA

I have worked with many alternative healers and Karen was my first experience with distance healing. Because of my prior experience I knew the subtle signs to look for to confirm if I was responding. I had learned that the real results may take weeks to become apparent. I am pleased to report that all my sessions were excellent. Karen’s assistance and support has been exceptionally productive and positive. I got results.


Working with Karen has been a rewarding and fascinating journey. She so gently and expertly takes you to the root of the difficulty and helps you to see it clearly for yourself. It is a profound experience, worth every moment, providing long lasting benefits. What a safe and knowledgeable guide she is. An amazing, healing experience, priceless beyond words!


Karen has been a huge help to me. I have worked with her distance facilitation for years. My sessions with her assist me in feeling more balanced and gaining insights. I trust her completely and feel good knowing that she is available to help me through my stuck places and to move up the scale to higher functioning.

Beth in NC

If I did this kind of work, I’d want to do it the same way Karen does. She brings me to center, where I can make life choices that are right for me. She works with the most awesome awareness and integrity, and connects me with my own power.

Virginia in WA

If you are looking to use your life challenges to open the door to powerful, self-transformational opportunities, you’ve found the right place with Karen’s work. At first, I was just looking to find relief from years of unbearable joint pain and swelling. Not only did I get the relief I wanted, I discovered my innermost heart, and can now MOVE in the world with a positive, joyful attitude. Thank you so much, dear one!

Sally in Toronto

The energy work I did with Karen was invaluable. I was able to look at and rid myself of “baggage” I’ve had virtually all my life. I felt great joy to have these mental burdens lifted. I’m much more at peace in myself and am better able to distinguish the real me from the negativity that can fill the mind. I’m much more present with others, and my relations, especially with my children, are dramatically improved.

Jon in FL

I was in a real slump. I’d lost my job and savings and had a lot of other stuff going on. I was real depressed, and saw no reason to try to go on. Within minutes, Karen had me completely turned around and having a new outlook on life. She brought me to a place where new possibilities seemed to arise on their own, like the sun coming over the horizon after the dark night.


I never had much understanding of subtle sciences and healing. In fact, I was very suspicious about their veracity. My sister-in-law in Fiji was very ill and unable to recover even with medical treatment. Karen suggested trying some distance work with her, since the people in Fiji are accustomed to shamanistic healing. I was really amazed at how Karen was able to help my sister-in-law from so far away. She was able to clear away many old patterns and beings that were haunting her. My sister-in-law felt greatly relieved and was able to focus on healing afterwards.

R from NC

Karen Silberstein is a wonderful holistic practitioner and health-care intuitive. It has been my blessed good fortune in having been under her care for several years. Karen’s knowledge is extensive in several areas of health and she excels in each one of them. She employs a variety of skills and each one beautifully complements the other, adding to the effectiveness of her health protocols. Karen’s highly developed intuitive faculty is an extremely valuable factor in the process of individualized health education- a distinctly vital quality for health practitioners, and one which unfortunately, many lack. She is a very intelligent, caring and observant practitioner who has helped me tremendously in maintaining not only my health and longevity, but also the health of my family. I have referred many of my own clients, associates and friends to Karen.

NP, Yoga and Wellness Instructor, Winston-Salem, NC

You inspire me to work on myself. Thank you.

I feel so different- clearer and stronger. God placed you in my path for sure!

I would travel 100000 miles, I would go backwards in time, I would suffer sleep deprivation, I would carry heavy loads across the continents, I would wait hours for transport, I would be patient until help came to get me, just to have the chance to learn from you. All this I did, and would happily do again! Your teaching and raw food were amazing!

I have accomplished more in two sessions with you than in 14 years of psychotherapy.

My baby is doing so much better. He is a completely different child than he was a week ago. The doctors don’t know what to make of it.

Thank you for the beautiful session today. Your work is truly art!

CC, Winston Salem, NC

I am enriched and inspired. Thank you for the growth and truth this energy work provides. You are a joy and profound inspiration

SK, Winston Salem, NC

Thank you for the love and skill with which you do your work.

CB, Trenton, NJ

When all the alternative and conventional forms of medicine failed to offer lasting results, I researched and went to a number of energy healers, who were gifted in various ways, including studying a variety of subtle healing techniques myself. I worked with many, some who came in from Australia or England and had developed a loyal international following. Karen’s work surpassed them all. After being disappointed by discovering the lifestyle of different people who I followed, and seeing how personal habits opened the door to lower energies, without them even realizing, I left it all and exclusively worked with Karen. Her integrity, pure lifestyle and direct connection to guidance from the Lord within felt clean and safe, and the results were lasting and beyond all expectations. Due to ​my​ level of trust​ in Karen, ​I was finally able to access the root​s​ of decades of ill health. Not only did she facilitate working through trauma that few in the mental health field would even touch, her comprehensive knowledge of herbs, flower essences, etc, accompanied by her gifts as a​ high-level​ medical intuitive saved me literally hundreds of dollars.​

Her presence in my life is so significant, literally bringing me back from death’s door more than ​once.​ I feel grateful and humbled ​by this connection. Her example of compassion, patience and deep realized wisdom inspires and supports me daily.

HC, Florida

Karen is an extraordinarily gifted, compassionate healer. Her work is transformative, loving and profound. Every healing provides deeper clarity, balance and growth. Karen has truly changed my life and helped me live a more authentic, conscious, balanced life.


Karen is a “teacher’s teacher.” For those who are privileged to work with her, it can be a life changing, life enhancing, and sometimes even a life-saving (literally) experience. I know it was for me.


We have been privileged to have benefited from Dr. Silberstein’s profound energetic work for many years.  Her expansive academic, spiritual and worldly knowledge is impressive.  Moreover, her compassion, love and understanding comes with the purest of intentions.  The result is effective healing with prayer.  This is rare and should be revered in the best way, as her kindness and generosity knows no bounds.

A and H, fans from Chicago

What I most appreciate about Karen’s work with me over several years is the amazing versatility of her skill set and how precisely she can target the treatment to my unique needs.  Whether I need help looking at specific belief systems that are holding me back, foreign entities invading my field during a weakened state or determining the right tincture or supplement to support my healing, I can rely on her exceptionally clear testing ability and vast botanical, naturopathic, emotional and spiritual knowledge to give me empowering tools and assistance.    She has saved me from purchasing good products that just wouldn’t have particularly benefited my particular needs while determining which products, herbs and foods would currently serve me best.  She has been able to tell me via phone consult whether I was at an infectious stage of an illness.  I have even experienced hands off chiropractic adjustments.  Karen is an exceptional resource for Tachyon energy clearing, as well as PTSD, abuse or other traumatic recovery.  She has a vast knowledge of autoimmune challenges and disorders.  She profoundly understands the multi levels of sensitivities we are currently facing, chemical, EMFs and other technology challenges, and environmental and energetic assaults to our well-being.  I am fortunate to have experienced her work in person, yet have no hesitation recommending her long distance sessions.  Karen’s profound presence, lack of ego and deepest compassion provide the safest space I have experienced for exploration, comfort and evolving development.  Karen is an extraordinary treasure.  I am so very grateful for her place in my life and the gift or being able to recommend her to clients and friends.

S- LMT, Florida

I would like to express how much I appreciate you working with me. When I wake up and start my day, I note the difference in the way I feel, the way I hold myself, the words I speak, and my thought patterns. Every day is a new beginning and the growth happens moment by moment. I feel a brightness around me that words cannot express. You truly do the work of an angel.

To say that this person changed my life would be a severe understatement. She expertly and
painstakingly excavated me, the soul. 

When I first met Karen in 2010, I was experiencing both chronic physical and emotional issues
that I had already tried unsuccessfully to address in many other ways over the years. In our very
first iridology session, she was able to pinpoint the physical issues and put her finger on the
pulse of what the underlying emotional causes were. 

I followed the nutritional advice which helped, but the real revolution happened when I found the
root cause of my symptoms through her energy work facilitation in our second session.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. A year and a half into my work with Karen, I
realized I was her apprentice. I needed this work for my survival as it gave me an internal
compass and ability to deal with the huge storehouse of repressed memories that were at the
root of my issues. Without this work, without her expert detached and gentle guidance, I can
safely say, I would not be here today. Period. She has saved my life more times than I can
count and I am ever grateful. 

I now do the work she has taught me and seek to "pass it forward". My clients are amazed at
their results, but I always tell them that my teacher is one in a bazillion! The only credit I can
take is my willingness to face myself at the deepest level and never give up, even when it meant
death to all the things that I identified with, the things I thought I was. 

Now the real me, the pure self, is readily accessible. My body and mind are cured. My heart is
rejoicing in continuous revelations, and I can safely say, anyone who  is brave enough to begin
this journey, knowing that, as Karen often says, “There are no words to describe the pain, and
even less to describe the joy on the other side.”, will reclaim themselves. 

There is a revolution happening on this earth. If you are someone who knows that you need to
begin with yourself before you can do your part in “changing the world”, then there is no better
health facilitator, mentor, teacher and friend than my dearest Karen.-

JK, Florida, US

Thank you so much for all your help. The one conversation that we had helped me greatly. I
feel like a weight was lifted from my heart. I have also been practicing some of the meditations
that you went over with me. Thanks again….

K, Illinois, US

The stream of Karen’s guidance and support has led me thru a troubled and restless scourge of
my perceptions to a now familiar sanctuary within my own self.


…And thank you for what you feel about it being of value to know me, I feel the same way and
feel my heart fill up with gratitude, I have been wrestling so many feelings of worthlessness and
no value, and hearing you say this, wakes up my heart. I also want to share that after you

working with aligning my energies I have been feeling a lot better emotionally, more connected
into my soul and to Spirit and in touch with my true needs. Thank you from the Heart.

Grateful Soul in Sweden