Energy Work

Every Illness and physical challenge has an energetic component, whether as a causative factor or as a result of the circumstance. Working to release the unhealthy energies can assist with healing and increased inner peace around the situation. Many times, when it is very difficult to get a physical healing, even with excellent care, the release of the underlying energy blockages allows the necessary breakthrough.

I love to facilitate those who are open and willing to take their life challenges as opportunities for great personal growth. I have successfully worked with many people worldwide through their transformational processes, and I’d love to offer you training and support that can assist you in your personal life or in upgrading your own innate skills and talents in working with others.

There have been powerful results in working with-

  • Trauma and Sexual Abuse Recovery
  • Mental Health Challenges
  • Chronic and Acute Stress Patterns
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Regaining and Maintaining Balance in Times of Shock, Injury, and Serious Physical Events
  • Health Intuitive Issues, Including Herbal and Supplement Recommendation
  • House and Property Clearings for Peace of Mind and for Sales Purposes.
  • Rodless Dowsing for Locating Water Sources and Geopathic Stress Zones
  • Spirit Release
  • People and Animals of all Ages, Including Those Who are Still in the Womb
  • Emotional Release and Integration
  • Releasing of All Types of Energetic Blockages That Impede Optimal Well Being
  • Physical Pain and Other Chronic Complaints
  • Energy Field Restoration, Rejuvenation and Balancing
  • Shamanism and Other High Level Metaphysical Work
  • Mediumship (in select cases)
  • Release of Past Life Trauma
  • Addictive Patterns
  • Connecting With and Balancing People Who are Unconscious or in Coma
  • Facilitation of Peaceful Transition
  • Animal Communication
  • And more…

This work can be done in person or over any distance with powerful and gentle effectiveness. It is uplifting, empowering and free of judgement and polarization. I offer tools and education along the way so that clients can learn take their healing into their own hands and not be overly dependent on scheduled sessions.

Please contact me for workshop information and apprenticeship possibilities.

I do not do future reads.

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